Here you can find all news about our kennel. The latest news are on the start of the page, if you scroll down you can read back into our past.



SKC went on hiatus for atleast a month so we will stop our aging system for the moment to avoid that puppys and dogs will grow old without any action for them happening. We are still finishing the two shows we got up atm. 


In the last 2 shows we took part, we were rather successfull, we will add points here (and hopefully not forget to post them later on teh SKC forum thread *fingers crossed*

In the Field Trial we had  Anouk(4P*) and Adem(5P+) scoring and in the Race Meet we had Kiss making BIS while the rest of our small dogs also made points. (Dreamers Coeur Fragile +5P)


The new 2 puppys profiles are UP!



2 new shows up at the SKC and we took pictures yesterday for the Field Trial (we are going to enter with our 2 Nova Scotias) and the Running Event.


We are updating our info and will add the profil of our 2 new puppys the next few days.




We are now finally back into action. Today we plan to open two new shows on the SKC club, we missed out a lot of Conformation shows the last few days but now we are ready to roll again. 



We are still alittle busy but we managed to take part in a random BIS and random BOG show and got the results :) We managed to get two dogs ranked in BIS and 4 dogs ranked in BOG so we got a bunch of nice conformation points adding up.




We are finally back! We got a lot of results from the past shows we took part and also from the shows which were handled from our handler service guys. We already added up the points to the dogs profile. Sadly we are out after the first round of Simnational but atleast now we can relax alittle.


We opend another show ourselves, flyball once again. 



Our kennel is going on a 5 weeks break but you will be still able to see some of our dogs in shows as ABK offered handler service for 3 of our dogs (Cream Cookie, Petite Chasseuse and Thousand Cranes) while another 3 will be handled from Divine Kennel (United Alliance, Touch of Mortality and our little big CAO lady)


We entered yesterday most of our dogs in the group shows still but we will miss out seeing the results on time.

Our own shows will be judged today.


We might have 2 applys for our PBGV litter (one apply for Ambre from the SKC and one for Amaury over this webside) We hope that we can send them out today before we leave fore holiday.


We also finally added the profil of our latest additon a new herding group member.




Our first litter took place, we had 3 reservations for it so 2 puppys are up for adoption as soon those on the reservation list did their picks (1 week time). You can find the litter under our offspring section Past litters.



From the Random BIS/BOG shows we got decent results, two of our dogs managed to score in the BOG random show and our to be mother Dreamer´s Petite Chasseuse managed to gain a BIS titel and earn 3 points. 


Our PBGV litter is now officially sired, the to be mother is impregnanted and moved over to our whelping home to have some relaxing days before she will be giving birth to her pups.

We still got 1-2 more spot open for reservations on her litter. PM us over the SKC forum if you are interessted. We expect the litter to arrive next tuesday.


We also updated the profiles (finally) from our CAO and Saluki "pup", they are fully grown adults now and we added a new profile picture for them but kept some of their cute puppy pictures.


We are also hosting 2 new shows this month, one agility show and one obedience trial show. We hope that we get alot of entrys.



Our entrys for the current running Conformation Shows are out, we been alitte stressed and did not manage to enter all dogs we wanted. We had to pass in the Herding Group (with our 3 Australien Shepherd) and in the Sporting group (with our 2 Nova Scotia).


Also in the Hound group we did not manage to enter our Saluki (but our new beagles and our PBGV are in) and for the Toy group we passed our Pugs this turn and only sent the most promising 3 of our 6 Chihuahua.


Yes you read right.. SIX CHIHUAHUA?!! We got 3 new additions from Kennel von der Saar (Angel, Diva and Romeo von der Saar) Their profils should be added over the next week, we been in a hurry to enter them in the shows.


We also have to registrate the grown up Saluki puppy and the grown up CAO puppy within the next few days.




We got some news! The 2 beagles arrived and are already registrated. We are making their profile atm in our hound section. We also got the results from Kennel von der Saar´s Dock Jumping Show and specially our small dogs got great results. We also got results from Hunting Trial and Obedience Trial. We got a Best in Class there and are very proud.


We are now running a second kennel under the flags of the SFCI with only a small amount of dogs atm. Its called Wild Hunter Kennel and has our favourites breeds from here also there (PBGV, Saluki und Beagle)



We been alittle busy over the last week, the young puppy kept us really busy. Last week we got the results from Apolda´s 3rd Weight Pulling and we add the points to our dogs. Our first breeding is also coming closer as our dogs are gaining more and more points.




We got a new puppy from Damascus kennel. Its a young bitch called Damascus Into Glory Ride and you can see her brand new profil in our Misc section and some pictures of her there too.


In the next few days alot of shows we took part at are closing and getting judged so we are waiting for those results. 


We are also expecting 2 new arrivials for our hunting kennel 2 young beagles will be added in the next few days.




Today our reserved puppy from the Damascus litter arrived. Her name is Damascus United Alliance and you can find her profil already in our Hound section (autumn) and already some pictures when she arrived.


We are taking part in the 2nd Chihuahua Breed Show and pictures from it are up under our show/competition section.


Expect also pictures from the Dock Jumping/Diving Show within the new few days.




Results from the 10th SKC All Breed are here and both Loras and Lady gained 3 points and a BIS titel to their list of achievments. We are really proud of those two.


Furthermore the long awaited litter from Damascus was born and we wait on our turn to pick our very own new Saluki puppy from this successfull litter.


We are working on a new template atm to add to our Hunting kennel, a little Beagle lady.



We finally sended out our 2 registrations for our 2 pugs and added them here on our homepage. They are called Dreamers´s In Parvo and Dreamer´s Empress at the Wall. We also got a new addition to our staff, Cassy and her husband got a babyboy, a little brother to their nearly grownup daughter Monique.




Happy new year to everyone! We had nice chrismas holidays here in our kennel but we were not lazy over the free days for sure. We took part in 3 new shows from Apolda, a hunting trial, a weight pulling one and last but not least an obidience trial. You can find some selected pictures of those in our competition section.



Nearly all our current dogs got their SKC number now. The results from Apoldas Agility Course were ok but we still got to improve there by alot. Dreamers Mon petit rebelle ranked 3rd in his class and KVK Genuine Knight Air got placed as 5th. 


Points got updated in the dogs profiles.




New SKC numbers arrived!

We updated them into the profiles with them. Only our Aussies are now missing, we hope they get them before the next competitions are ending.


We added some pictures of us taking part in Damascus 1rst lure course and Apoldas 1rst Agility competition. There is also another Conformation Show incoming so we are busy preparing for that one atm.


We also got a new staff member, Jakob Miller the younger brother of Emma.


We also got great news from the latest judged shows, Cantarella Kiss got Best of Opposite in the Chihuahua Breed Show and also in the Hare Course our both entrys did really good.  Filou got 2nd and lilttle Coco also got ranked (5th).




We added our next 2 planned litters in the future to the offspring section, reservations are open. Keep in mind that this is an advanced reservation list as those litters will happen as soon the planned sir/dame earned enough points or got titeled.


We expect the litters to prolly happen in february/march (Chihuahua litter, looking for a stud) and in march/april (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen litter)





Two new arrivals in our kennel, we got a puppy from Kennel American Guardian a saluki boy out of a litter she had together with Kennel Damascus. The other addition is another saluki, a young bitch we picked to have a companion for little Koda (thats how the boy is called, the showname we were allowed to choice ourselves).


They will both been shown under the shownames American Guardian´s Touch of Mortality of Damascus and Dreamer´s Thousand Cranes.




Our Cokennel in France got two new additions, a bitch and a dog from the breed Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen. Both profils are online and we are awaiting their registration to start showing them within the SKC community activly.


This is also our first very own template used, so we are even prouder to show them to you.





Cream Cookie, Winter Night and Cantarella Kiss got their SKC numbers today and are now accepted in the Sim Kennel Club. Their numbers are SKC00931,SKC00932 and SKC00933 and will be added in their profil.


We also got great news from the Lure Course, it was judged today and Cream Cookie gained 6 Points there as she scored place 1 in her group, thats a BoG gained. We congratulate everyone who took part and specially Apolda for holding that show.


We submitted our entry for the 1st Chihuahua Breed Show, pictures you can see in your Shows section. We also updated the profil pictures of our current dogs.





More additions to our staff roster which you can find under the "About the kennel" section. Dreamcatcher Kennel is now not only operating in England but also has a cooperation with France where the older sister of our twins lives. Welcome Cassy, her husband Marc and their lovely daughter Monique.


Added the different owners to their part of the kennel (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter)





We decided on some more breeds we will want/will have for sure in our kennel. Those will be:


Spring: Chihuahua

Summer: Australien Shepherd, Border Collie

Autumn: Saluki, Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Winter: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever





Today we present you two new staff members Jeremy Sorronto and his wife Emma. This good looking gent is the brother of Clarence Sorronto and will be taking over the Summer and Autumn section so the herding and hound group dogs.


Little Knight grew up today and moved out to live with Jeremy and his wife, as he needs more space and a bigger kennel lot for his needs. The next few days more dogs should move in so he will have company soon there.





Pictures from the ABK Racemet and the Apolda Lure Course are up in the Competition/Show section. Results should be here in around 3 weeks but we are already excited for them. We still got alot of work to do, as we still need to finish our entrys for the Agility and Disc Dog competition.


Also our little Australien Shepherd puppy will be able to be registrated in 2 days, time flies really fast and he is growing bigger and bigger every day.





Two new puppys moved in today, one little girl from the Sporting Group (Winter) and one little boy from our Australien Shepherd kennel from the Herding Group (Summer). Their profils are up but will be updated when they are grown up with new pictures.





Simnational Dog Show Round 1 got judged. We got good and bad news for you guys. Cookie Cream gained Best of Opposite Breed and therefore won her first Conformation Point but sadly only BOB (Best of Breed) will move into the 2nd round. But overall we are very happy with the result, we already knew that we are pretty chanceless to win BOB as we competed against alot of dogs with more experience.


We are preparing ourselves now for the Chihuahua Breed Show.




We moved over from our Chihuahua only webpage to this homepage as our mainpage now instead as its easier to have a varity of different breeds here under one name. We picked 4 of the main groups namely Toy Group, Hound Group, Herding Group and possibly Non Sporting Group. Atm we still got only our Chihuahuas from the Toy Group but we got one apply for a saluki litter and one reservation for a Border Collie litter out. We hope we are lucky and our apply will be successfull and we can welcome 


Spring - Toy group, Summer - Herding group, Autumn - Hound group, Winter- Sporting group




The pictures for the Simnational SKC competitions are uploaded, you can find them under the new Competitions section here. We also took some shots for the Small Dog Rally Obedience Show, which ends in a month. So we are now waiting for the results.


We are training for the agility SKC show too, so soon pictures of that one will be up here too.





The pictures of our staff and handlers are online now, and found under the Staff section here. Soon you will see them in action while handeling our cuties at the conformation show.


Pictures of the Show will be up on wednesday here on this homepage and also on the SKC forums. Less than a week left for the big show results!





We are preparing for the big SKC conformantion show atm. Our 3 handlers are ready to present our dogs soon, hopefull in the best light. The first round takes part outside so we will take them to a lovely spot to take the pictures.


Our junior is helping as much as he can as he got autumn holidays at the moment. He is very carrying specially for Cookie Cream and spoils her with too many dog sweets.


Soon you will see also pictures of our staff here on our homepage.





All our 3 foundation dogs got now their Chihuahua Registry Entry and their numbers, now we are only waiting for them to be added to the SKC registry and we are ready to go. 


There is also a really big show up on the SKC called Simnational Dog Show, where all breeds can take part. We are considering taking part but we do not want to put too much pressure on our sweeties as this is really a big show and as they are new to the competitions we are pretty chanceless sadly.





Today we got a new addition to our kennel, her name is Cream Cookie(♀) and the name kinda gives away everything about her. She is a cute and gentle young dog, but still needs some training and experience to be ready for the big shows. Her colour is a rather common one with fawn but nevertheless we are sure that she will shine in competitions for sure.


We are also considering getting another male or female to complete our current kennel. Preferable it would be a male with great ambitions in agility shows mainly, preferable shorthaired. Colour is no so important so if you got any suited dog, feel free to send me a message or leave a guestbook entry.




We can proudly announce the first two foundation dogs today. Welcome Cantarella´s Kiss(♂) and Winter Night (♀) with me today. You can find them under Prince and Princess section here under current dogs. Both show great affinities for competitions so we will take part with them soon to show them off.


Atm we got the registration for them pendending at the Chihuahua Club from the Sim3 Kennel Club but I am sure they should have no issue to be accepted there.


In the next days we should also have another young lady arriving, a real darling so stay tuned :)





We just started today with this new kennel. The next few days you can expect alot of new stuff incoming here so feel free to pay us a daily visit to keep an eye on us.


Like already announced on my other kennel page ( this kennel will be alittle more serious so do not expect to have as much updates here as on our Aussie breeding kennel. This kennel will be a part of the Sims3 Kennel Club community.


Our dogs will take part in competitions there and will aim to win some points and maybe even achieve the Champion titel before they will go for breeding so we can make sure they have the right material to be great parents for a new generation of great standart dogs.

Last update: 29.5.2014